About Us

Ruining Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. The company is an international trading company from China with 50-100 people.General business items are: home appliances, kitchen appliances, and smart home electronics. Communications products, imaging equipment, face recognition systems, smart machines, research and development and sales; electronic products and accessories, smart machines; the development of e-commerce platforms; operating e-commerce; goods and technology import and export.

Here at Lemnoi we believe in making your home smarter through the use of AI technologies.We have millions of satisfied consumers. We are committed to making smart security camera products that everyone consumes, Collect the best moments with yours and keep your home in sight wherever you are. Monitor your property 24 hours a day and be notified instantly on your smartphone.In the future, we will update the focus on innovation and technological expansion, create more smart home products, and elevate your digital lifestyle.